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Question: What is Merino Wool ?

Answer: Merino wool is a natural fiber grown by Merino sheep. It’s thinner and softer than regular wool—making it easy to wear next to skin. And when you wear wool next to skin, a lot of benefits come with it.



Question: Is Merino Wool itchy?

Answer: Merino Wool does not irritate or itch, and they naturally resist odors and wick away sweat. Whether you're after a base layer for winter warmth, underwear for home or travel or socks for everyday wear or hitting the trail, merino feels soft and works in harmony with your skin.


Question: Does Merino Wool wash well?

Answer: Merino wool is an especially washable wool, and able to withstand machine washing. Turn the item inside out, and place it in a Mesh Washing Bag. Select the woolens or delicate cycle on the washing machine, and make sure the water temperature is cold and the spin is on low.


Question: Is Merino Wool warm?

Answer: Merino wool is a powerhouse natural fibre. Exceptionally warm and super soft on the skin, merino is packed with a huge range of high-performance benefits to suit a whole bunch of adventures.


Question: Is Merino Wool Anti-Microbial?

Answer: Odor-resistant: Merino wool has antimicrobial properties, as the natural lanolin in the sheep's wool repels odor-causing bacteria. Since merino wool manages moisture so well, there is no wet environment for that bacteria to grow.



Question: What are Diabetic Socks?

Answer: Carefully Designed With Diabetics In Mind, Diabetic Socks are cushioned & comfortable, absorbent, non-restrictive, anti-microbial and seamless.



Question: What do Diabetic socks do?

Answer: Diabetic socks are specially designed to keep feet dry, decrease the risk of foot injury, and enhance blood circulation. They are a key part of foot care, which is an important aspect of diabetes management due to potential damage to the nervous and circulatory systems caused by high blood sugar levels.


Question: What are Diabetic friendly socks?

Answer: Diabetic friendly socks are socks especially designed and aimed at people with diabetes for their specific needs and they are made without seams in order to reduce the chance of blistering, with anti-microbial yarns to keep feet as healthy as possible, loose top and leg totally without restriction in order not to cut circulation, integrated with some Merino Wool added to keep feet warm and comfortable.

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