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Dristex socks''EVEREST*LITE'' semi-cushioned are ideal socks for the spring and summer seasons. They are made with merino wool, a soft and comfortable natural fiber that offers excellent thermal regulation, keeping your feet dry and cool in summer.

These socks are 70% Merino Wool natural fiber with great warmth, breathability keeping your feet dry and comfortable, 25% stretch nylon and 5% Spandex for perfect fit and durability.

These socks are designed with a semi-cushioned padding that provides extra cushioning for comfort, while still being lightweight so they won't overheat your feet on hot days.

Dristex technology is built into these socks to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry, even when you sweat. It also helps prevent unpleasant odors, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable all day.

Dristex Everest lightweight semi-cushioned socks are designed and made in Canada with premium quality materials and are designed to last a long time, even with regular use. With their exceptional comfort and superior performance, these socks are an excellent choice for those looking to stay cool and comfortable during the warmer months of the year.



C$25.00 Regular Price
17,50C$Sale Price


Color: Black & Natural Denim
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